Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

Addiction rehabilitation is becoming more common each year. In the United States, almost 15 million people are addicted to alcohol, while eight million more are addicted to illegal drugs and prescription medications.

Each year, thousands of these people refuse addiction rehabilitation and overdose on these drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, leading to hospital stays or death. Many thousands more are injured or killed due to the actions of these people who are intoxicated. The sad news is that only about ten percent of these people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse receive the addiction rehabilitation treatment they require.

Stamford Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs Offer Comfort and Affordable Care

Many people who are on drugs or alcohol fail to find the help they need because they believe that substance abuse centers are like prisons or hospitals. The reality is that most of the alcohol and drug detox programs in Stamford, CT are more akin to luxury hotels. They offer comfortable rooms, many recreational activities, and fine dining.

The other major stumbling block for those who need help for addiction is the cost. While some of these facilities require significant payments, the majority of them are covered under most insurance plans. The recent passage of the Affordable Care Act now allows many who are suffering from drug abuse to sign up for insurance. Furthermore, many of these alcohol and drug detox programs are willing to charge on a sliding scale

Outstanding Stamford Addiction Therapy Clinics

The physicians, nurses, and psychotherapists that supervise the addiction rehabilitation at abuse treatment centers in Stamford, CT have unmatched credentials. These medical and psychological professionals graduated from many of the country's finest academic institutions and continued their training at leading medical and addiction facilities. These men and women are highly experienced in treating the entire spectrum of drug and alcohol abuse patients. These specialists have read the latest scientific literature and are knowledgeable about the most current and successful addiction rehabilitation techniques.

Stamford, CT is Home to Many Post-Treatment Organizations

When you leave one of Stamford's alcohol and drug detox programs, you won't be on your own. You will be matched with a number of outstanding organizations like Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as local social organizations which will continue the treatment that you received while in detox. These groups will encourage you to participate in regular alcohol and drug counseling, group meetings with other recovering addicts and partnership with a sponsor who can offer sage advice.

Stamford also offers numerous opportunities to improve your quality of life through community service, recreational activities or religious involvement. These organizations will not only serve as useful outlets to constructively spend your time, but they will also help you better appreciate the opportunity you have been given to restart your life again. They also provide enormous satisfaction and positivity, which can help fend off the urge to use again.

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