Drug Treatment Programs in Stamford,CT

If you have been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse for months or, even, years, you may have come up with numerous excuses in order to avoid drug treatment. Many people are fearful to seek drug treatment because they believe a negative stigma to be attached to drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

The truth is, it takes great courage to accept help from a drug treatment center; this is a decision that many people are not strong enough to make. You have probably told yourself that you are a "functional" addict who can perform all the tasks needed to survive. Or you may believe that you are so dependent that you cannot live without drinking or doing drugs.

These ideas can be so engraved in an addicts mind that the only way to overcome the disease is by entering yourself in a drug treatment facility. Choose life and choose treatment.

Once You Enroll in Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation, You Will be Amazed

All of the lies you've told yourself to support your drug and alcohol addiction will fall away if you enroll in an addiction treatment center. You will realize that you have been sacrificing enjoyment and satisfaction in life for a poisonous chemical. You will come to understand that you are not only happier without drugs and alcohol, but you are considerably more capable. Your body will adjust more easily and faster than you believed to a chemical-free existence. Finally, you will rediscover your value to yourself, your loved ones and the human race.

Addiction Facilities in Stamford, CT Specialize in All Types of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Most substance abuse centers only possess real expertise in the most common types of addiction, alcohol and marijuana. If you enter a Stamford drug or alcohol treatment program, you will find that no matter what substance you used, you will have experienced professionals on staff to provide personalized treatment that addresses your particular form of drug alcohol abuse.Not only do they possess experience in all types of substance abuse, but they are also experts in complicating factors like mental illness and medical issues.

Cost is Not an Issue

Many people who want to get professional rehabilitation treatment are hesitant because they feel that such services are out of their price range. The truth is there are a variety of methods to pay for addiction therapy. You may be surprised to learn that most insurance policies now cover alcohol and drug counseling. Even if you aren't enrolled in a health insurance plan, under the new Affordable Care Act, you can begin a new policy to cover treatment and recovery services. Furthermore, many of the treatment facilities in Stamford, CT are willing to offer sliding fees which are dependent upon your income.

Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol is Only a Phone Call Away

A few weeks or months in a drug detox facility will be a luxurious and rewarding experience. Most of these facilities are similar to resorts or upscale hotels and provide more than comfortable accommodations. When you complete the program, you will be able to rebuild your life with the help of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or the Young Men's Christian Association. This short investment in treatment can add decades to your life.

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