Heroin Overdose Rates High in Connecticut

Heroin Overdose Rates High in Connecticut

Heroin is killing residents of Connecticut, both from affluent suburbs and larger cities, at an alarming rate. Last year, about 500 people died from opiate overdoses, including heroin (300 of the deaths), oxycodone, fentanyl and other opiates. There were eight opiate deaths in Stamford. Opiates were involved in the deaths of people between 17 and 72 years old.

State legislators took a big step in November 2014 in preventing overdose deaths by granting immunity to anyone who distributed naloxone to anyone who was overdosing on an opiate. This law helped saved 20 lives between then and January.

What is Heroin?

This is one of the most highly addictive and rapidly acting drugs in the opiate family. It reaches the brain quickly and immediately gives intense feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Overdose rates are high, as it is easy to unintentionally take more while under the influence. Overdose rates also stay high due to users taking a purer form of the drug than intended.

Historically, heroin was available in a number of different products. In the early 20th century, it was the active ingredient in cough suppressants. Street names for heroin include smack, horse, brown sugar, charlie, dope and tar. Heroin overdose rates are increasing in the U.S. due to wider availability.

Heroin Overdose Rates in the United States

In a study by the Center for Disease Control (cdc.gov), it was reported that heroin overdose rates leading to deaths increased significantly in 28 states in the U.S. by 2012, and more than double the amount of deaths from overdosing on prescription opioids as deaths from heroin. Opioids are synthetic opiates.

The report cited two factors causing heroin overdose rates rising. First, an extensive prescription opioids availability is leading to higher rates of opioid addiction. Second, a growth of the heroin supply is leading to wider availability of the drug in the country.

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