Medical Detoxification Treatment

A medical detox is necessary for most serious drug or alcohol dependencies. When someone has a long-term addiction, they will most likely develop a strong dependence on the substance, making it extremely dangerous to cease use without a medical detox. In addition to this, the symptoms of withdrawal for both a drug or alcohol addiction can be incredibly uncomfortable, leading many to return to substance abuse to ease these symptoms.

The around the clock supervision and necessary medications provided by a Stamford medical detox, allows addicts to begin the recovery process in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

Almost every community in the United States struggles with how to respond to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. In many situations, it is the police and the criminal system that ultimately takes responsibility, while in others, it is the overloaded hospitals which treat people suffering from chemical dependency.

These are often expensive and painful alternatives to alcohol and drug detox. With the help of experienced alcohol and drug rehab professionals, an addict can complete a drug detox course and begin a new life within a few short weeks or months.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Utilizes Effective Medications

The science of addiction has advanced significantly in recent years. New medications have become available to help in the alcohol and drug detox process. Many of the most common withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, chills, diarrhea and vomiting are easily remedied with medical care.

Even the most powerful compulsions to use illicit substances can now be reined in with new drugs like Antabuse, which suppresses the urge to use alcohol by replacing the euphoria with physical discomfort, and Naltrexone which blocks the effects of opiates.

Finding Stamford Medical Detox Help

There are many reasons why someone who is addicted to alcohol or drug use may avoid drug treatment, but the reality is that Stamford, CT is home to many leading alcohol and drug detox facilities. People who would like to end their enslavement to the bottle or the needle only need open up a phone book or look up treatment centers Stamford, CT to find a host of award winning programs. From there, an addict only needs to choose one, and within a very short period of time, they can be free of their overpowering addiction.

Treatment Centers for Addiction

The program administrators understand that the alcohol and drug detox process is not an easy one, and they are entirely committed to helping their patients complete it in comfort. In addition to luxurious rooms, fine dining and first rate recreational facilities, the staff are trained to offer compassion and respect to each patient.

Outstanding Medical and Counseling Professionals Distinguish the Stamford Treatment Centers from Others

The medical and psychological care that patients receive in the addiction rehabilitation centers Stamford, CT is clearly superior to that found elsewhere. These caregivers there are graduates of the finest academic and professional training programs in the country.

Most of these brilliant professionals have spent years in the field, and have encountered every possible type of addiction case. This combination of training and experience has helped make the Stamford addiction treatment programs one of choice for so many families.

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