Drug Intervention Programs

One of the most tragic occurrences in life is when a person you love has fallen under the sway of alcohol or drug addiction. You may have already approached them with a drug intervention to try to convince, coerce or threaten them into treatment and recovery program, but to no avail.

If one on one interactions aren't enough then you probably need to resort to a drug intervention with the help of addiction specialists. An addiction specialist can help you plan your drug intervention in a way that will encourage your loved one to seek treatment, not shy them away from the support they so desperately need.

Careful Planning is Essential

In most cases, you and other members of the intervention probably have limited experience with these types of situations. You may wish to do some research on how to manage an intervention, but the ideal way to handle one is to consult with a professional drug and substance abuse specialist. You can find many of these experienced professionals at a local Stamford alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation center. They can offer you sage advice about how to plan and rehearse, what points to emphasize and how to transition them immediately to treatment.

Choose a Forceful Leader

If you are adept at handling uncomfortable situations you may elect to be the leader of the intervention; otherwise, you should try to find someone who has experience handling emotional, confrontational and, possibly, violent situations.

This person should be capable of maintaining control of the meeting no matter how upset or belligerent the addict or other participants become. While the leader doesn't have to be in charge of all of the planning, they should be deeply involved in the rehearsals and know the sequence of events. They should cue each person to speak and attempt to maintain an orderly progression.

Provide Information about Rehabilitation and Recovery Options

You will probably want to include a period of sharing where participants share how they feel about the person suffering from drug, and alcohol abuse as well as any stories about how they have experienced drug and alcohol addiction in their lives. This should help set the stage for providing treatment options for them.

This may include outpatient or residential substance abuse and addiction treatment therapy, medical and psychological programs and reviews of local facilities. Once this information is delivered, the group should lay down an ultimatum in which there are serious and immediate consequences for non-compliance.

Involuntary Admission is Always an Available Option

While it is always desirable that the alcoholic or drug user concedes to the wishes of the group, that is not always the outcome. If they continue to refuse to seek help, you may wish to consider admitting them to a treatment and rehabilitation center involuntarily. Many people don't realize that even involuntary enrollment can be successful; once detoxification and psychological treatments are completed, most addicts genuinely don't want to return to their miserable existence as an addict.

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