Family Addiction Treatment Stamford

Family Addiction Treatment

Family addiction treatment deals with individual substance addiction by treating the entire family unit. By addressing co-dependency concerns and initiating comprehensive family therapy strategies, people can get the help and support they need to avoid relapse. Family addiction treatment is widely available across the United States, with some rehab centers specializing in this powerful treatment approach.

What is Family Therapy?

Family addiction treatment is based around the principles of family therapy, a field of behavioral therapy that attempts to treat substance addiction by working through family issues and engaging entire family groups. Family therapy can help address the social and emotional issues that underpin many addiction issues, and provide people with the support they need to engage with the recovery process. Family addiction treatment borrows ideas from a number of other psycho-therapeutic methods, including strategic therapy, systematic therapy, narrative therapy and many others. A typical family addiction program includes 5-20 treatment sessions, with therapists working with the entire family group for the duration of the program.

Co-dependency and Family Roles

The family members close to drug addicts often fulfill particular co-dependent roles that enable drug taking behavior. In order to overcome a drug addiction, it's necessary to identify these roles and find alternative ways to relate. Common archetypal roles include the caretaker, the lost child, the scapegoat, the clown, the star hero, the mastermind, and the protected one. While not all of these roles are realized at any one time, family members often set up unhealthy dynamic relationships.

The Importance of Aftercare

Family addiction treatment is an important aspect of aftercare support programs. While detox helps people to stop using drugs and rehab addresses the issues surrounding addiction, aftercare is also needed to encourage lifelong recovery. People with family support are much more likely to avoid relapse than those without it, with family members able to offer both practical and emotional support when it's needed the most. If you know anyone who could benefit from family addiction treatment, it's important to contact a specialized treatment center as soon as you can.

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